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Tattoo Care

Before your appointment

Exfoliate the area and keep it well moisturised. Exfoliate the skin from a couple of weeks prior to your appointment to remove dead skin cells. After exfoliating you should replenish lost moisture with moisturiser such as cocoa butter. This will make the tattooing process much smoother resulting in a better tattoo 

If you shave the area, do it a couple of days before your appointment to avoid any cuts, scabs or skin irritation. If you don’t usually shave the area then leave it for me to do on the day so your skin is nice and fresh

Keep well hydrated with water as your skin needs this to repair itself; it will also keep your skin hydrated and less dry 

Avoid alcohol before your appointment including the night before. Though a couple of drinks the night before is unlikely to cause harm, though large amounts will thin your blood causing you to bleed more, making the tattoo more difficult - the same applies for many drugs 

Avoiding direct sun exposure is really important before your tattoo. If you have any sunburn in the area we will not be able to do the tattoo 

Get a good night's sleep so you are well rested before your appointment

If you have any special requirements for your appointment then do let me know and I will make adjustments. There are certain days in the studio which area fairly quiet should you require a quieter, calmer environment. You can also wear headphones throughout. Unfortunately our studio is on the first floor which means you need to climb a flight of stairs to access the studio. My area is fairly private, shared with another female tattooist. I do ask that you come alone to your appointment as the space is small.

On the day

Be mindful of the area you’re being tattooed, and wear clothing that are appropriate and comfortable.

The area should be easily accessed e.g., shorts or a skirt if tattooing legs 

Bring something to change into on the day if this is easier

Wear clothes you don’t mind getting ink on, e.g., old clothes or dark clothes

Wear comfortable clothes that are loose-fitting, especially for long appointments 

Bring layers in case you get too hot or too cold 

Eat - even if you don’t usually eat breakfast you must eat something before your tattoo appointment. I recommend fueling your body with a carb or protein-heavy meal no more than two hours before your appointment 

Hydrate with water before your appointment and bring a sugary drink with you such as lucozade, monster or coke for a boost of energy if you need it. We have water, tea and coffee at the studio 

Bring snacks such as sweets for an energy boost if you need it (we also have some at the studio). If you’re here all day we will have a lunch break so bring some lunch with you if you don’t feel like going out. We are right next door to Tesco if you need it. 

Bring some entertainment with you such as headphones for music or a podcast, a book or a tablet with movies on. I won’t ever be offended if you need to zone out and focus on something else 

* The studio is cash only so please bring cash with you to avoid having to go out and get some at the end of the appointment *


Once you leave the studio your tattoo will be wrapped up in cling film. Leave this on for 2-3 hours. Then:

Wash your hands with soap and then remove the cling film

Gently remove the cling film and wash with warm water and unscented soap using kitchen roll (do not rub)

Pat the tattoo dry using clean kitchen roll (do not rub)

Re-wrap the tattoo once dry, using medical tape to secure it in place to avoid it slipping or moving (if this happens then repeat the process above and re-wrap to prevent any bacteria sitting under the film)

Repeat this process before bed, sleeping with it wrapped in cling film for the first night. If the area is difficult to wrap just leave it open.

In the morning remove the film, clean the tattoo and leave off the film

Once the tattoo is unwrapped just keep it clean and dry. If the tattoo weeps then wash your hands and pat it dry with clean kitchen roll. This process prevents scabbing which could result in ink loss 

The most important thing for your fresh tattoo is to keep it clean by washing it frequently. I recommend washing it 3 times a day (usually when you get up in the morning, in the middle of the day and then before bed)

2 days after your appointment, or if the tattoo becomes tight and dry, you will want to begin applying aftercare. This is a very thin layer of ointment - emphasis on thin as a thick layer will prevent your skin from breathing (if you can see the cream you have applied too much). Softly apply this with a clean hand. And reapply a couple of times a day or when the tattoo feels dry, tight or itchy. I have included some recommended aftercare below. Always use your own pot to avoid any cross-contamination.

  • - Palmers Coco Butter (in the white tub, not in a pump bottle)
  • - Underdog Tattoo Balm (I sell this in the studio)
  • - Butterluxe Tattoo Balm
  • - Bepanthen (Tattoo specific). This can be very thick so apply thinnly.

Ensure the clothing you wear is clean and make sure you have fresh, clean bedding.

I know your tattoo can feel tight and itchy but never pick or scratch your tattoo and always only touch it with clean washed hands

Only wear loose-fitting clothing over the tattoo. Any tight clothing will irritate the tattoo 

Avoid any exercise or activities that will make you sweaty during the initial healing process

Avoid swimming or baths for at least the first two weeks. Showers are fine, just don’t leave it under running water

Avoid any direct sunlight, especially during the healing process. Once healed, always apply factor 50 sun cream

If you have any concerns with your tattoo just drop me a message, I will always be happy to help

If any of the lines do drop out during the healing process then do let me know as touch-ups are free!